Community Program of UP College of Dentistry: "Another Reason to Smile"
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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

UP College of Dentistry Department of Community Dentistry has a number of projects under the title "Another Reason To Smile" which shows impact on varied community sectors.



A. Residents of Barangay 883, Sta. Ana, Manila


The program provided oral health promotion to the community to increase their knowledge and appreciation of good oral health so that despite their economic status, they would still recognize oral health as integral and essential to general health and take steps to improve oral hygiene practices. The program also improved the oral health condition of the community by providing preventive dental services.


B. Day Care Children


Students showed deeper appreciation of the true spirit of community dentistry after they had experienced all aspects of community program administration. Firsthand exposure to the community and the true picture of their plight made them realize the essence of community work. This program was effective in developing and nurturing the students’ understanding and appreciation of community dentistry.


C. Parañaque Dental health officers


The enhancement program for community dentists given by UPCD Department of Community Dentistry to Parañaque dental health officers produced positive impact on the knowledge, attitude and practices of the participants. The program aimed to strengthen the competency of the Parañaque dental health officers.


D. AKAP-BATA Day Care workers


A Seminar on the Dental Syllabus was designed for the participants to gain knowledge on oral health and correct misconceptions, resulting to increased appreciation and confidence on teaching dental topics. It is hoped that these daycare workers will be examples themselves to their pupils on proper oral hygiene. Their acquired knowledge empowers them to be effective teachers to the young receptive minds of their pupils on the importance of good oral health on general health.




The seven-title book series was developed to address the high prevalence of tooth decay among Filipino children, through simplified and enjoyable oral health education. It is designed to be an effective teaching tool for parents, teachers and dentists as well. It was made possible through the support of the Philippines Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP), the official arm of the Commonwealth of Australia for bilateral assistance to the Philippines in social development.

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