25 August 2007
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Saturday, 25 August 2007

25 August 2007

Dear Alumni,

We are now nearing the end of the semester.  The students are rushing to finish their cases.  We hope they will get to finish all that they intended to do. We have a short semestral break before the second semester which starts on November 6. Deep breathly for the old times.

I know Dr. Warren is trying to reach you all so that you will be involved (as UP Centennial Professorial Chair or Faculty Grant  donor (with your name carried in perpetuity forever and ever) at least come over during our Foundation in February.  Remember, we are actually celebrating UP's 100 years and we are all blessed that we are alive now because we will not be here 100 years from now.  So come and be counted!

This  centennial  should serve as our signal for unity. The alumni have been so divided on issues and non-issues that the College is the one suffering. I am hoping that we will all be discriminating in sifting though the mess.  I thank those who have been silent but supportive (I pray that the good Lord will bless you) and I also thank all who have been critical all throughout.  You all help in giving hope that the next day will be better. 

Please write so you can give us fresh insights that we need for a better tomorrow.  Good day 

Dr. Elz

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