Basic Sciences Department
Written by Michelle Sunico   
Thursday, 06 July 2006





Bette Murjani, DDM

Department Chairperson
Department of Basic Sciences
Telephone: 302-6360 loc. 106

Faculty members in the Department

Angelina A. Atienza

Christian Anthony M. Ermita

Elmer Jesus T. Escoto

Melanie K. Frange 

Concepcion B.  Medina

Antolin P. Serraon

May Carol M. Sia 

Michelle C. Sunico

Susana Y. Sotelo DDM, MAT

 The Department of Basic Dental Health Sciences is in charge of the following subjects for the first semester:

Biochemistry 11, Dental Materials 11, Oral Anatomy 11,Infection Control 21, Microbiology 21, Nutrition 21, Oral Histology 11, Physiology 21, Anesthesiology 31, Oral Diagnosis 31, Oral Pathology 31, Oral Surgery 31, Radiology 31. 

Past Chairpersons:

Dr. Arlissa Aguiluz (2010-2013)

Dr. Susan Sotelo

Dr. Vic Medina

Dr. Nanette Vergel De Dios



 Simulators in the Resto Lab   

Simulators in Resto/Endo/FPD Laboratory



    Each simulator is provided with an exhaust duct







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