The Dean's Mid-semester Report, Academic Year 2010-2011
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Tuesday, 05 October 2010

For this school year, 65 freshmen out of 774 applicants were accepted to the Pre-dentistry level at UP Manila. For Dentistry Proper, we accepted 46 students.

Before the start of classes on June 8, the faculty met and discussed the clinical policies. This was done with the involvement of select alumni, and the revised policies will be printed and distributed soon.  Having all the policies printed in a single document will make the faculty members informed advisers when they mentor their advisees. This will also eliminate ambiguities especially in the determination of when students have fully complied, or have not yet complied, with requirements. I am grateful that the faculty was open-minded during the discussion, responding positively to the comments, and making revisions to make the policies more student-friendly.


 Unlike our usual practice of starting the year of the clinicians with an orientation session, we held the orientation session a day earlier. We wanted to show the students that we value time and that the faculty is willing to take the extra step to make every minute count. We followed this up by asking the Chancellor to exempt us from his order suspending classes during the UP Manila Foundation Day Celebration last June 18. This was approved, and we continued with the clinics while the preclinical students went home.

As regards the supply of materials, we have purchased early one semester’s worth of materials. This practice of early purchase and close monitoring of stock levels will now be institutionalized. 

 I am happy to report on recent developments:

  1. Documents required for the public bidding of the 4th Floor construction are now being drawn up by the concerned UP Manila offices. The appropriation of an additional 7M Pesos (in addition to the 23M earlier approved) for this project was approved middle of July. Barring any hitches,we expect construction to start late this year. The 4th floor will house the clinics, classrooms, offices, lounges of the Orthodontics graduate school and the research lab.  
  2. The proposal to establish a research laboratory, including the purchase of a Universal Testing Machine, has been approved. The UP Manila Bids and Awards Committee have all the documents already to start the process of purchasing the equipment. We expect to have the equipment in time with the completion of the 4th floor.  
  3. The two (2) laboratory modernization project proposals (approximately worth 2.4M pesos) that we presented to the UP Manila administration were approved. These include the purchase of a new Spectrophotometer, magnetic stirrers and more binocular microscopes for the Biochemistry laboratory. The Restorative Dentistry and Dental Material laboratories will soon be equipped with LCD projectors, documents cameras and video camera. This will enable the teachers to demonstrate procedures which will be projected to screens and viewed comfortably by all. These demonstrations may likewise be recorded and played throughout the course of the laboratory session. Seven desktop computers have arrived and 4 more are expected to be delivered to the College. These will be distributed to the clinics, to the offices and to the library.  
  4. The UP Manila administration has also approved our proposal to increase the clinical  fees. Together with a more efficient collection of the clinical fees by our very own cashier, the increase will add to the funds we can use for purchase of materials and equipment.  
  5. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, the students are now benefiting from their donations.
    • a. Through the efforts of Class ‘75 headed by Dr. Marilyn Leung, Class ‘85  headed by Pres. Robbie Andres, Dr. Yow, Dr. Li, UPDAA 2008-2010 headed by Pres. Olegario Clemente, there is no more shortage of amalgamators, light cure units and surgical hand instruments at the pre-clinical laboratories and the clinics.
    • b. Just last week, Dr. Lala Mendenilla of 3M Philippines also donated more adhesives plus 2 brand new amalgamators. She has been donating on a regular basis 3M products to the college  
    • c. Class 1984 has pledged to fund the computerization of the Oral Diagnosis section. They have initially deposited approximately PhP 40,000 with the UP Manila Development foundation. The first batch of donors are Dr. Jocelyn Tan, Dr.Carlota Cruz, Dr. Regina Dimayuga-Minutello, and Drs. Alexander and Teresa Santos. The project will include purchase of computer terminals and development of software to produce electronic patients records.
    • d. Three balikbayan boxes are enroute from the US and Canada. The donors are Dr. Layug (Canada), Dr. Lustre-Perriera (US) and Dr. Manuel-Coronel (Canada)
    • e. We have more books in the Library, courtesy of Class 75 and UPDAA 2008-2010.  I received news that more are coming from Class 75.
    • f. Two lecture rooms are now equipped with LCD projectors (fixed to the ceiling), pull down screens and sound systems courtesy of UPDAA 2008-2010.
    • g. Dr. Chung Lai Chun of J-Chenny facilitated our request to Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co. for a donation of hand instruments (Perio, Surgery and Resto). Last week, she delivered more than 70 pieces of Hu-Friedy hand instruments.  
  6. During the June 2010 Dental Licensure Examination, our graduates garnered the 2nd, 3rd and 6th places of the top ten board passers as well as a 100% passing rate. The topnotchers were Dr. Abeleda, Dr. Balboa, and Dr. Adao, respectively. 
  7. The UPAA recognized the UPDAA as outstanding alumni chapter and Dr. Julie Fuentes (Class 1984) as outstanding alumna for community service. The Philippine Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) recognized Dr. Arturo P. de Leon (Class 1986) as this year’s Outstanding Professional in the field of Dentistry. Dr. Ranny Reyes was also recently appointed to the Board of Dentistry. Congratulations!!! 
  8. Dr. Michelle Sunico-Segarra (Class 1991) is now our newest Professor. She was recently promoted from Associate Professor 7. The rest of the faculty are now hard at work on their research works and publications so they can cross ranks too. Last week, I submitted to the National Institute of Health, 9 research concept papers for possible funding. This is the first time that the faculty has responded to their call for research projects. Please pray with us that the NIH will fund all of them.  
  9. Dr Teresita Lara (Class 85) and Dr. Lilet Galban (Class 82) are back teaching again. Dr. Tes is now the faculty-in-charge of the two Operative Dentistry courses while Dr. Galban is the Chair of the Dept. of Community Dentistry. 
  10. The alumni have responded to our call for additional manpower in the clinics and in lecture courses. We now have 5 new faculty members who are working without compensation (WOCS). They are Dr. Wowee Gaerlan , Dr. Jojo Buizon, Dr. Cristina Bagamano, Dr. Ria Gener and Dr Arnon Rivera (Pres, UPDAA, 2010-2012) 
  11. We are very happy and grateful for the very warm response of our alumni to our call to offer continuing education courses.
    • a. The UP Manila Office of Continuing Education has approved the offering of a 10-session Basic Implantology Course. This program will be mainly handled by four of our alumni namely, Dr. Nanette Vergel de Dios, Dr. Regina Santos-Morales, Dr. Errol Hernandez and Dr. Manolet Reyes. The program coordinator will be Dr. Charleton Atienza, head of the Prosthodontics Section.
    • b. Plans are also underway for a 2-day Marketing seminar /workshop to be handled by Mr. Oliver Darvin.  
  12. The College is now actively involved in the Patient Safety advocacy of the Phil College of Surgeons. The committee headed by Dr. May Carol Sia is now drawing up Patient Safety Checklists for all dental procedures to be implemented in our school and hopefully in all dental schools and private clinics.  
  13. The Dr. Enrique Ona, a UP College of Medicine graduate and new Secretary of the Dept of Health, has approached UP Manila for collaboration on Health Programs. The College is now preparing the programs and policy changes that we will submit to the joint DOH-UPM committee. We are also looking into the possibility of bidding for the 5M-peso National Oral Health Survey project of the DOH. Dr. Lilet Galban and the rest of the Dept of Community Dentistry will lead the College in these endeavors.  

These are exciting times for us all considering what is happening within the college and its involvement in projects that are national in scope.  

There are so many things to be done especially in the area of improving relationships in the College. We will soon have a team building seminar to address this issue. I have realized that nothing substantial can be accomplished unless we accept that the students are our most important resource. We will work towards a re-orientation of our priorities so we can truly make our college more student-centered and student-friendly. These activities will require funds and any donation will be appreciated.  

Let me address an issue that is a concern of all-what happens to monetary donations to the college.  There are pervading notions that the college does not get the full amount because a significant part goes to UP Manila and that it is very difficult for the college to get the donated funds from UP Manila. UP Manila has mandated that all check donations be in the name of the UP Manila Development Foundation, the body tasked to pool donations so that the funds will earn interest. The Chairman of the Board of this foundation is the Chancellor and the full time Director is Mr. Agulto of the UP College of Business Administration. In reality, the foundation only gets 2% of the total donation as administrative charge while the rest of the amount remains available to the college. For the college to avail of the donation it only has to present official receipts for the item/equipment that was purchased and the cost is usually reimbursed one week after.  

Lastly, as you probably know by now, our former dean, Dr. Edna Jimena, joined her creator last August 15, Friday. To show our affection and gratitude for her outstanding dedication and accomplishments, we hosted a testimonial dinner to honor her and in attendance were UP Manila officials led by Chancellor Ramon Arcadio (who was Dean of UP Medicine when Ma’am was the Dean in 2000-2003), officers of the Endo Society of the Philippines, Montellano family and Friends, and UPCD Faculty, admin staff and students. Many gave speeches and in the end, Dr J gave her last speech and sang two songs. We believe that she had a wonderful time that night because the dialysis scheduled for the next day was found to be unnecessary due to the improvement in her condition. The college also took an active part during her wake and necrological service. Again, the Chancellor and the other UP Manila administrators were there to condole with us. I hope that all of us will take note of how Dr. Edna Jimena had lived her life. She will be remembered by all whose lives she touched, and judging from the number of people in her testimonial and necrological service, they are a considerable number. It is time for all of us to prepare for how we want to be remembered.

This early I would like to invite the alumni to our 96th Foundation Day Celebration on February 9, 2011. Our class (Class 1986) will be the host class and we promise a very memorable day for all. Also, I would like to request everybody to look for materials that we can include in our Centennial Coffee table book that we plan to release a year before our Centennial celebration on February 2015. We are looking for someone to volunteer to be the editor of the coffee table book. Until my next report.


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